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First 4 Hours: £90

[Must be taken as TWO 2 hour lessons]

Standard 2 Hour Lesson: £55

Student, Military & NHS Discounted

2 Hour Lesson: £53

[Proof of eligibility required]

10 Hour Block: £260

[Must be taken as FIVE 2 hour lessons]

Pass Plus: £175



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The first 4 hours MUST be taken as two 2 Hour Lessons. The first 4 hours MUST be completed within 14 days of the first lesson. Any hours not used within 14 days will be charged at full price. On completion of the first 4 hours the standard prices below will be charged. Breakdown of lesson prices as follows; first 4 hours are charged at £27.50 per hour for the first 3 hours and £7.50 for the last hour; standard 2 hour lessons are charged at £27.50 per hour; discounted 2 hour lessons are charged at £27.50 for the first hour and £25.50 for the second hour; 10 hour block bookings are charged at £27.50 per hour for the first 9 hours and £12.50 for the last hour; Pass Plus is charged at £29.17 per hour. Payment for lessons can be by cash, bank transfer or cheque (at the instructor's discretion) or by PayPal, and must be paid one lesson in advance at the beginning of the lesson. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are chargeable (charge may be waived entirely at the instructors discretion). All prices are non-negotiable and no further discounts are available on the prices listed.

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