About iDrive*

iDrive Driver Training was formed with the sole aim of giving top quality driving lessons at great value for money. Our friendly, honest, reliable and 100% fully qualified instructors will tailor your lessons around your current knowledge and skill and the pace at which you learn to give you fun and informative tuition enabling you to learn and practice the skills you will need to pass your test and drive safely for life. 


iDrive Lesson Syllabus

At iDrive we cover the syllabus set out by the DVSA, but we adapt it around the individual learner’s progress, knowledge, and previous experience.
The following is just to give you an idea of what is covered in the lessons, and what you are aiming to achieve before you’re ready to take the test.  You won’t necessarily do each section as a full lesson, or in the order below.  If necessary you may do some sections more than once.  You set the pace and we’ll create a course that suits you.
Controls lesson – Get good knowledge of the controls of the car including the foot and hand controls. Learn how to perform a cockpit drill as requested by the DVSA.
Understand: WHERE it is, WHAT it does, WHY and HOW to use it.
Moving off and stopping – You will be able to move away from the kerb, drive a short distance and pull back over to the left. You will be able to do this safely and under control. You will be able to recognise a safe and legal place to stop whilst starting to apply the Mirror - Signal - Manoeuvre routine.
Emerging at T – Junctions – You will be able to apply the Mirror-Signal-Position-Speed-Look routine when emerging from a minor road onto a major road, both safely and under control.
Controlled stop and the use of mirrors – You will be able to make effective use of the mirrors and be able to bring the car to a controlled and prompt stop as if in an emergency.

Approaching junctions to turn either left or right – You will be able to apply the Mirror  - Signal – Position – Speed – Look – routine when making turns to turn from a major road to a minor road.  This will be done safely and under control.
Show me, tell me – You will be able to identify and answer questions about the mechanical parts of the car and their legal requirements.
Pedestrian crossings and the use of signals – You will be able to give proper signals by use of indicator and arm. You will also be able to recognise and apply correct rules to the different types of crossings. 
Turn in the road – You will be able to turn the car to face the opposite direction using forward and reverse gears. You will be able to do this under great control and with regard for other road uses.
Meeting on coming traffic – You will be able to apply the Mirror-Signal-Position-Speed-Look routine when there may be conflict with other road users. You will be able to recognise meeting situations and decide who has priority. This will help you to judge when it is safe to cross oncoming traffic and improve your skills of allowing adequate clearance when passing cars, cyclists and pedestrians.
Crossroads – You will be able to deal with cross roads effectively and safely using the skills and routines learnt from junctions.
Left reverse/ Right reverse – You will be able to reverse the car into a limited opening on the left and on the right. This will be done safely and under control with great observations throughout.

Reverse bay parking – You will be able to reverse the car into a parking bay, from both the left and the right. This will be done using your newly acquired skills to enable you to park safely and under control with great observations throughout.


Forward bay parking - You will be able to drive forwards into a parking bay and then reverse out while maintaining full control, accuracy while carrying out all the required observations. 
Reverse parking – You will be able to reverse the car under full control, parking it safely close to the kerb, behind another car and within two car lengths.
Overtaking - You will be able to recognise opportunities to safely overtake. You will overtake whilst using the slightly different routine of: Mirror – Position - Speed - Look – Mirror- Signal- Manoeuvre.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently asked questions please feel free to read them before contacting us as they may answer your questions. If these FAQs do not answer your question please feel free to contact us by phone on 0800 043 6460.
How many times can I buy the 4 hours for £99?
The 4 for £99 is an introductory offer and can only be purchased once.


How many lessons will I need before I'm ready to take my test?

The $64,000 question! No instructor will be able to answer this at an early stage in your driver training. Everyone learns at a different pace and things that one pupil might struggle with another may find easy. Official statistics from the Department of Transport show that on average women have an average of 52 hours tuition and 2.1 attempts at a test before they pass whereas men take an average of 36 hours and 1.8 attempts at a test before they are successful. Before all the men get too cocky though, it is worth bearing in mind that women are safer drivers; 96% of dangerous driving offences are commited by men.

Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

The Driving School is iDrive Driver Training Limited. The term may also be used to describe franchisees who operate under licence in parts of the country and who employ the partners to provide administrative facilities to them in the course of their own business.

A Pupil is a person who has booked their first driving lesson through the Driving School's central booking service. Any person who has booked their first lesson directly with an Instructor or has booked via the Driving School and has expressed a preference for a particular Instructor is considered to be a Pupil of the Instructor and not a Pupil of the Driving School.

A Driving Lesson is the period of 2 hours where practical instruction is to be provided together with the necessary explanations being carried out in a motor car.

The Instructor is a self-employed person who has entered into an agreement with the Driving School to provide tuition services to members of the public using our Trade Name (iDrive) and following our Code of Conduct.


2. Introduction

The Driving School works for Instructors as their agent. The Pupil is deemed to have accepted these full Terms and Conditions when taking Driving Lessons and must be in possession of a current valid driving licence when driving a motor car. The Driving School will not accept responsibility for misunderstandings if a Pupil does not read these Terms.


3. Postponement or cancellation of lessons

You must give at least 48 hours notice to alter or cancel a lesson or you will be charged. We will give you the same notice otherwise you may claim compensation from us if a postponement causes cancellation of a driving test, the Instructor will reimburse the Pupil with the lost fee.


4. Postponement or cancellation of driving test

Details about the notice the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, (the 'DVSA'), needs to postpone or cancel a driving test are on the email which will be sent to the Pupil by the DVSA to confirm the test. The Instructor will try to advise about cancelling a driving test in time to preserve the Pupil's right to a refund of the test fee but this cannot always be guaranteed and depends on the Pupil's progress as they near a test date. Neither the Driving School nor the Instructor accept responsibility for driving tests postponed or cancelled by the DVSA.


5. Communication with the Instructor or the Driving School

Driving lesson alterations and cancellations MUST be made through the office on 0800 043 6460 or by direct communication with the Instructor. Telephone messages can also be left for the Instructor at the office of the Driving School. There is a voicemail service for all calls received when the office is closed. All telephone calls are recorded and kept by the Driving School and may be used to investigate complaints or otherwise improve services.


6. Driving Instructors

All Instructors operating under the name of the Driving School are fully qualified and legally entitled to give instruction and are properly insured in any car used by them. It is a legal requirement that the Instructor's licence must be displayed on the tuition vehicle's front windscreen. Instructors are also required to follow the DVSA’s Code of Practice.


7. Change of Driving Instructor

Pupils wanting to change their Instructor should notify the Driving School. If for any reason the Driving School cannot change Instructor, the Pupil shall be entitled to the return of any unexpired fees paid in advance in accordance with these Terms minus a £20 administration fee. If your Instructor leaves the Driving School, arrangements will be made for lessons to be conducted with an alternative Instructor of the Driving School if possible. Instructors are not allowed to conduct lessons with existing Pupils for a period of 6 months after their association with the Driving School has ended.


8. Duration and pick up of Driving Lessons

It will be assumed that the drop off location at the end of the lesson will be the same as the pick up at the start unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the Instructor or the Driving School prior to the start of the lesson. Instructors are not bound to make such arrangements.


9. Price and type of Driving Lessons and collection of money

The price of a Driving Lesson and any discounts or special offers available is displayed on the website at http://www.idrivetraining.co.uk and the price of Driving Lessons and offers are subject to change without notice. Pupils' money is held by the Instructor and all Driving Lessons are required to be paid in full one lesson in advance. Refunds must therefore be obtained from the Instructor although the Driving School will act as your agent to recover a refund if asked. A full accounting of money and lessons is available upon request from the office or Instructor. Any refunds are subject to a £20 administration fee. Further additional charges may be incurred to cover any dishonoured cheques.


10. The Driving test

Pupils must not book a practical driving test unless advised to do so by the Instructor. The timing of a test application requires a degree of professional judgement by the Instructor based on the Pupil’s ability and the availability of test dates and no responsibility can be accepted in this regard (see clause 11). No responsibility is accepted for any form or paperwork lost or any delay in making an application for a test. Pupils booking a driving test must inform the Driving School of the details before confirming a test booking if they want to reserve the Instructor's car for the test. If the car is already scheduled on a Driving Lesson or test, a change of your test date will be necessary.


11. Use of Instructor's car for driving test

Applications for driving tests are advised when the Pupil's progress is expected to be maintained and their future co-operation is anticipated. It does not imply that the required standard has been reached nor that it will for certain be attained by the test date. The Instructor, if necessary, will advise postponement or cancellation if the Pupil's interests and/or public safety will be best served. The Instructor will withhold the use of the tuition car for the driving test if, in their considered opinion, the Pupil has for any reason not reached a satisfactory stage of driving competence or booked the test without their approval.


12. Service

While all care is taken to ensure that Pupils receive tuition at the time and in the car booked by them all Driving Lesson appointments are made on the understanding that neither the Instructor nor the Driving School will accept liability for the late start or postponement or cancellation of driving lessons due to causes beyond their control.


13. Refunds

Refunds should be requested directly from the Instructor or through the Driving School although there may be a delay in making refunds where the Instructor is holding money that has been paid directly to them. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALTHOUGH THE DRIVING SCHOOL WILL MAKE EVERY EFFORT ON YOUR BEHALF TO COLLECT AND REPAY MONEY HELD BY AN INSTRUCTOR, NO RESPONSIBILITY IS ACCEPTED FOR ANY MONEY NOT PAID DIRECTLY TO THE DRIVING SCHOOL. When prepayment is made for individual lessons, any refund for lessons not taken and not forfeited will be calculated on the basis that the lessons taken or forfeited are to be charged at the full lesson rate and a reimbursement made of the unused portion of the prepayment, less an administration charge of £20. The 4 hours for £90 offer is non-refundable no matter how many outstanding hours have not been used.


14. Conditions attached to special offers

Individual courses and occasional offers may have special conditions attached to them. Where those conditions exist they will have priority over the Terms as described herein.


15. Complaints

The Driving School will investigate all complaints and respond after having investigated. Complaints should be made not more than 7 days after the date which gave rise to the complaint otherwise the matter may not be capable of being properly investigated. Every effort will be made to resolve every complaint but these Terms will form the basis of deliberation. Should the Pupil not accept the Driving School's recommendation they can contact the Registrar of ADI's or otherwise refer the matter to the Small Claims Court to recover money held by the Instructor, (see Clause 9).


16. Limit of liability in dealing with Driving Lesson complaints

Any refund resulting from a complaint being upheld will be limited to the value of the Driving Lesson conducted immediately before the complaint was registered. No refund will be given in respect of any lessons that were conducted prior to this.


17. Waiver without prejudice

If the Driving School does not enforce any of these Terms it will not prevent any subsequent enforcement of the Terms. These Terms can only be changed in writing by the owner.


18. Website statistics

For purposes of our website the following special definitions and conditions apply:

i). A lesson is deemed to be "on time" if it is commenced within 15 minutes of the appointed time.

ii). Statistics are calculated from 1st January 2017 unless specified otherwise.

iii). If a website statistic calls upon data that does not exist in a pupil record then that pupil record is not included in the statistic.

iv). Where rounding occurs figures are rounded up.


Code of conduct


1. Personal conduct

Your Instructor will at all times behave in a professional manner towards you. You will be treated with respect and consideration. Your Instructor will try to avoid physical contact with you except in an emergency or in the normal course of greeting. Whilst reserving the right to decide against giving tuition, you will not act in any way which contravenes legislation or discrimination.


2. Business dealings

Your Instructor will safeguard and account for any money paid in advance by you in respect of driving lessons, test fees or for any other purpose and will make the details available to you on request.

Your Instructor on the first lesson will advise you of the main Terms and Conditions and will advise you where you can obtain, without charge, a written copy of those full terms which will include:

· the legal identity of our Driving School with a full address and telephone number at which your Instructor or his/her representative can be contacted

· the price, duration and conditions of Driving Lessons and practical driving tests

· the terms under which cancellation by either party may take place

· the procedure for complaints

The Instructor will check your entitlement to drive the vehicle and your ability to read a number plate at the statutory distance on the first lesson. When presenting you for the practical test your Instructor will advise you of all the necessary documentation required to enable you to take the test and ensure that the vehicle is road worthy.

Your Instructor will advise you when to apply for your theory and practical tests, taking account of local waiting times and forecast of your potential for achieving the driving test standard.

Your Instructor will not cancel or rearrange a driving test without notifying you. In the event of your Instructor's decision to withhold the use of the school car for the driving test, they will aim to give you sufficient notice as to avoid loss of the DVSA test fee.

Your Instructor will at all times, to the best of their ability, endeavour to teach you correct driving skills according to the DVSA's recommended syllabus.


3. Advertising

The advertising of driving tuition shall be honest; claims made shall be capable of verification and comply with codes of practise set down by the Advertising Standards Authority. Advertising that refers to any pass rates will not be open to misinterpretation and the basis on which the calculation is made will be clear.


4 Conciliation

Complaints should be made in the first instance to the Driving School following the complaints procedure issued. Failing agreement or settlement of a dispute, reference may be made to DVSA's Registrar of Approved Driving Instructors who will consider the matter and advise accordingly. Should the Registrar not be able to settle the dispute he or she may set up a panel, with representatives from the ADI industry, to consider the matter further or advise that the matter should be referred to the courts or other statutory body to be determined.


5. For further information or advise write to:

The ADI Registrar – Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Stanley House

56 Talbot Street



Telephone 0115 901 2500


1. Application

iDrive Driver Training Limited is a UK based driving instructor franchisor. We are committed to protecting your privacy and this privacy policy covers our website. Specifically:

You can access our web site and browse without providing data although your IP address is used to gather broad demographic information.

Our PUPILS section enables existing pupils to access their own records online and to cancel or make new lesson appointments.

Our web site gives you a list of the services we provide and the prices we charge for those services.

Our web site contains links to other relevant web sites. The content of these websites is not controlled by us and we cannot be held responsible for the information on them.


2. Data collection and purpose specification

We can take bookings and accepts cancellations over our website for existing pupils who are registered with us and we need to know your postcode to give you lesson prices if you are a potential new pupil. If you contact us by email we will ask for your e-mail address. An amount of data may be retained by us in connection with these facilities.


3. Children and privacy

Our website does not target and is not intended to attract children under the age of 17. We do not knowingly solicit personal information from children under the age of 17 or ask them for personal information.


4. Third party sites

Our website contains links to other sites. We do not share your personal information with those websites and we are not responsible for their practices. We encourage you to learn about the privacy policies of those companies as such sites may collect personal data about our visitors.


5. Automatic collection of information and disclosure

We do not use cookies to store personal data about specific individuals and we do not disclose your personal data to other organisations.


6. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Changes will amend this policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information we will make that information available by posting a notice on the website.

*(Please note that iDrive Driver Training is a new business created in April 2012. It does not have any connection with any other businesses trading, or previously trading, under the same (or similar) name. None of it's directors have been associated with any other company or brand trading under the name of iDrive and have never been declared bankrupt or banned from being a director of a company).